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Su-yen grew up in Hong Kong with her Chinese Tiger mummy and ‘Gweilo’ father. A regular ‘chop suey’, she has lived in London and New York and eaten her way around the world. She married a South African and moved to Joburg with her children in 2011. Su-yen is a qualified life coach, yoga instructor and chef along with being a medical microbiologist, teacher, mother, triathlete, ironman, an ex-contestant on Come Dine With Me SA and founder of Chéz Fong Tiger kitchen pop up restaurant. She believes that everybody can live their life beautiful and to the full.

Warren is a certified life coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and massage therapist. He is passionate about helping people fulfil their potential and believes 'your body is your business’. Warren leads life coaching conversations, guides meditation breath work and performs kick ass massages to ensure you experience a complete body and mind work out.